New Name, New Directions

If you haven't already noticed, this blog has been going through a mid-life crisis. Okay, maybe it's me. After all, Little L takes every opportunity to tell me that 41 is a very, very, very, very, very old age. She keeps me honest, even though I don't feel that old. In my brain, I'm still in my 20's (or maybe early 30's).

Anyway, first it was the template. I needed to get rid of the foofy cartoonish graphics and find something a little cleaner and more "Web 2.0." Now it's the blog name. We're still as loquacious as always, since both Hubbs and I find it fairly challenging to "keep things short." Have you seen his LinkedIn posts? Proof positive that we both love to express ourselves in words. It's probably why we are so stinkin' compatible.

But I digress. We are still loquacious, and clearly also still a family, although I kind of feel that as Little L gets older, there is simply less and less of her life that I want to discuss online for posterity on the www. As such, there's not so much of the loquacious + family talk happening. Instead, I find myself reviewing products more often, and talking more about random crap that's on my brain heart. Catharsis. Free therapy, or whatever the act of blogging truly is. That's kind of where I've been heading for a while now. But with that, I suppose I eventually needed a new blog name to go with the new direction.

When I wrote my last post, the words "lemonade life" really stood out to me. Originally it was just a post title that I thought was appropriately catchy, but as I pondered over the term, I realized that it resonated with me quite deeply. It really captured the essence of what our family's journey, and my personal journey, is all about. Life isn't all roses; sometimes it's lemons. I think there's a fine art to making beauty out of ashes, and creating awesomeness from places of deep pain or bitterness or just plain sh*tty sour experiences.

However, I'm not exactly an expert on this; I know my way around a good whine (hehe, see what I did there?) and I need to practice an "attitude of gratitude" more often than I care to admit. But I guess in that way, this blog is just that extra bit of accountability for me. I mean, I can't very well talk about the lemonade life if I'm still busy boohooing the lemon stash I am amassing, right?

My incoherent ramblings aside, I think that "lemonade life" is a fitting moniker for this blog. Sadly, that name was taken. So was "A Lemonade Life," "THE Lemonade Life," "OUR Lemonade Life,"... you get the picture. Apparently this term isn't quite as new and novel as I had thought ;)

So the Loquacious Lemonade Life it is. Great alliteration, and it still honours the old blog name while pointing in a slightly different direction.

And now I realize, as I'm typing, that I just spent an entire blog post talking about the blog's name. Not exactly quality reading material here, but that's the explanation for the name change. Hope you'll stick around and hold my feet to the fire when I deviate from making something amazing out of life's curveballs. :)


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