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Less and Less - A Christmas Gift Story

There are a lot of nieces and nephews in my life. Because of this, Christmas becomes a crazy dance of coordination with other aunties and uncles, and with the parents, to conjure up the perfect gifts for them. And by perfect, I mean that there are certain criteria involved in these gift choices: you want to be fair so that every kid has a gift of approximate value. That they will love. That they don't already own. That you haven't given to them or their siblings or cousins before. And that won't drive Mom and Dad crazy.

In our case, it also has to be easy to ship, or available on Amazon (Prime), because everyone still lives a province away.

Seriously, I love my nieces and nephews, but buying gifts for these lovely littles was one of the biggest stresses leading up to Christmas. Hubbs never gets involved in the gifting aspects of the holidays, so it has always been a one-woman show come the festive season. It's never a small expense, both in terms of time and money, eit…
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A More Mindful Christmas Season

Sometimes the lead-up to Christmas feels like a giant chaotic snowball careening down November slopes, gobbling everyone and everything in its path like a Katamari Damacy ball (sorry, old PS2 game reference), until everything explodes in a mess of wrapping paper and bows on Christmas morning. Point is, every year I find myself losing control of my festive calendar, to the point where scheduled events are almost a chore, rather than a seasonal delight.

Don't get me wrong; I love Christmas, and the anticipatory buzz that surrounds this magical season. I'm the first to switch all of my XM stations to the Christmas ones on Nov. 1st. Seeing lights up on trees and buildings makes my heart flutter with inexplicable child-like joy. Thinking about Christmas brings a goofy grin to my face. And yes, I made sure to have all of my tickets purchased and reservations booked as of November 1st. #TypeA

But at some point, things can get a tad overwhelming. I'm more mindful of this now that …

Is It Too Early to Talk Christmas?

Seriously, I'm already starting to plan. I know it's not yet Halloween, but good things get booked up fast, ya know! Festive Desks open on or after Nov. 1st, and guess who's going to be calling and scheduling Santa brunches, Christmas Eve buffets, and other fun holiday experiences the moment that she can? This girl.

We are culling some of our traditions this holiday season, because Little L is getting older and some of the holiday events have lost their appeal. Others are simply better experienced every *other* year, rather than annually.

However, there are several Lower Mainland festivities that are essential, annual traditions on our November/December bucket lists. One such event is the Vancouver Christmas Market

I'm super psyched to head back this year (our fifth in a row!) because Little L no longer requires a stroller, which means our mobility isn't hampered by the need to find ramps. I am looking forward to the freedom of being able to roam about in search o…

An Introduction and a Conclusion

Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm Mrs Loquacious, and I'm a wife, a mommy, a homeschooler, and a part-time business owner of an educational clinic.

It has been two months since I blogged.  I used to blog daily, because I was at home with a baby who was allergic to sleep, and I desperately craved intellectual stimulation, even if it was just in the form of writing complex sentences on a blog.

You see, following my grand entrance into motherhood, I somehow lost my identity, because being a parent (and keeping an infant alive) became the overwhelming priority over other aspects of my being.  It was a truly confusing, hormonally-driven time of zombie-walking in a proverbial sleepless desert.  Thank God for social media and nap times, and the wonderful part-time nannies and cleaning services who helped support us during the darkest hours and days.

Since then, it has taken several years (yes, YEARS) for me to feel entirely myself again.  I think I've recovered most of the shards of …

Little L Does Disneyland - The Sequel

Here, in no particular order, are some valuable gems of advice to make your trip a bit more magical (or slightly less stressful).

1. Ladies - bring a backpack, not a purse.
I use a cute little black one I scored off Wish, but really, any little backpack will do. You have to unzip all the zippers every time you enter the park area, though, so keep that in mind when you go shopping for the really cute backpack with a gazillion zippers and buckles. It's way easier when you don't have a big ol' purse smacking you on the side of your torso every time you move, and it frees up your hands for pushing strollers and holding Turkey Legs.

2. Bring warm clothes and rain gear.
The folks that forecast Anaheim weather get it right about 50% of the time. Our forecast called for rain all week long when I checked the week before we left. On departure day, it was one or two possible days of rain. In actuality, it rained at night one evening, and that was it. It was, however, bloody cold once t…

Fun N' Fly Travel Tray - Little L Tested and Approved

**Disclaimer: As you know, I'm not really one of those bloggers. I mean, I write for fun, not for money or swag, so I usually shy away from endorsements or partnerships that oblige me to blog. I'm fairly certain that it's because I don't like to be beholden to anyone, and anytime you get something for free (or you get compensated for your thoughts), you feel like you need to be nice and say kind things. Honestly, when I read other bloggers say that their reviews are honest opinions, blah blah, and then their write-ups are so glowing that you almost think they've got stock in the company, that just turns me off.**

When I was approached by Vancouver Kids Fashion Week to review a travel product called Fun N' Fly, and I actually accepted, you know that I did so with great thought and intention. I loved the concept behind the product, and wanted to give it a trial run. We also happened to be traveling in the near future, so the timing was perfect. But while I freely…

On Kindergarten, Little L Style

I sometimes wonder what other Kindergarten kids are doing; I occasionally read about what another Kindie is learning, and I think maybe I'm totally off-track. While Little L is not a typical kid, so I don't think that we are learning what is "typical" for kids her age, I still want to be developmentally-appropriate, and I also want to make sure learning is a fun experience. We have been adapting both the curriculum and materials to fit my kid's abilities and her challenges.

An example of this is Little L's reading abilities; she decodes (and comprehends) at a second-third grade level (possibly higher, but we haven't formally assessed this yet). However, she is still just-turned-6, so her ability to do written inference questions or respond in complete sentences is pretty non-existent. We often have to scribe her responses, since there's no way my kid is going to write even half of what she might say!

But here is where we are right now, as we approach …