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Generosity - a Heart Issue

When I was an elementary kid, there was a point when our public school required us to fundraise .  We would be tasked with the burden of unloading a case or two of chocolate almonds to unsuspecting neighbours to raise money for something.  One year in particular stands out in my memory; that winter, my mom drove us from our lower-class neighbourhood to a ritzy suburb.  We figured that the wealthy residents living in these beautiful mansions would surely be willing to spare a few bucks for chocolate almonds, right?  Especially when they were being shilled by a bright-eyed, visible minority kid shivering in the winter cold?

No such luck.  We barely made any sales in that neighbourhood, if they even bothered to open the door for us.  We tried again the next night, and a few nights after that, but in wealthy neighbourhood after neighbourhood, nobody wanted to buy chocolate almonds.  On the last night before we had to turn in our profits, we still had like two cases of almonds left over.…

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