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A Boring Summer

I am either the most awesome or the most awful parent on the planet, depending on your level of judginess (not an official word, but you know what I mean).

It has been approximately two weeks since school "officially" ended, and closer to a month for us home learners, and I've been letting Little L have unlimited screen time.  Yes, unlimited.  As in, no limits (within reason, of course, since everything is set to "safe search" and kid-friendly settings).

And while some might be concerned with her consumption of YouTube videos, Disney songs, and Roblox obbys, I am actually not.  At least, not right now.  Because I did the same thing she did when I was a kid, only my summer screen time involved passively gawking at Inspector Gadget, Bugs Bunny, the Flinstones and whatever other cartoons we were able to find on our cable networks.

By contrast, Little L is at least using executive functioning and sequencing skills when she plays King Rabbit, developing amazing ha…
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Grade 1 and Done, or Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

First grade has come and gone. Truth be told, while for most kiddos around us today was the last day of school, we have actually been done for the past two weeks. We wrapped the year early, having covered just about everything we wanted to learn. We were both also kind of craving the freedom of summer. The sun was shining, the spray park was open, and we were just *done.* Oh, the luxuries of home learning!

We are very much looking forward to another year of distributed learning at home, and have already enrolled for second grade.  However, as you can see from the photo above, the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed expression of September has been replaced by a "been there, done that" look of a girl who is totally ready for a break. We need summer vacation.

And honestly, today I am starting to understand why moms drink wine and feel the stress to "keep up" with other moms. Do you have any idea how many "Last Day of School/Grade #" photos I've seen on social me…

Frank and Function - Hair Product Reviews Because I Care

You know I'd never hold out on you. If I find some interesting (or amazing) products, I'm always the first to share (and the last to get any kind of paid sponsorship - boo!), so my reviews are always legit my own, and not filled with any kind of subconscious obligation to speak well about a given product because, you know, I got it for free. Because I didn't get sh!t for free. I paid full price.

Anyway, there are two product lines in the haircare department that I wanted to talk about, because my hair is thinning and I'd like to know what happened to those thick, straight locks that used to melt and stain hot plates in Chem class.

The first is the FrankBody Caffeinated Hair Duo, which consists of a coffee scalp scrub, and a coffee hair mask, because coffee is great for every part of my body, thankyouverymuch.  I heard about this stuff from an IG person I follow, named Sarah (aka The Birds Papaya). She was lamenting her embarrassing scalp situation, a problem that I (u…

It's Okay to Disagree

I've noticed a theme when it comes to parents and parenting: people have a hard time agreeing to disagree. Whether it is about spanking (or not), sleep-training (or not), screen time (or not), or even more meta topics like philosophies on child development, parents can be notoriously stubborn and sensitive, and easily offended and outraged. They often take another's opinions very personally, and feel attacked even when it has nothing to do with them.

For instance, we didn't sleep train Little L. It wasn't going to work for us, and we knew that right from the beginning. We felt it was going to be hard on her, on us, on our neighbours...and it just wasn't the right fit. Sure, I was passionate about my position, and I defended it vigorously on my blog and in person and even on social media; I personally don't think that sleep training is necessary nor developmentally appropriate, and I kind of think that it is also needlessly cruel. But when someone else chose to…


I recently discovered the works of Rachel Held Evans. Unfortunately, the only reason why I came across her brilliant writings was because she was taken into glory far too young, at the age of 37, from complications due to brain seizures. In coming across this news, I was curious about who she was, and decided to visit her blog. I ended up with an Amazon Kindle cart filled with her bestsellers.

You guys! She wrote my heart.

Her journey away from, and back to, faith is a riveting read. Her Christ-centered, well-reasoned, and liberating interpretations of Scripture and of the tenets of Christianity are deliciously controversial and yet so satisfyingly affirming to me. The way that she writes invites me into her thought processes in a relatable way, and her progressive arguments warm my heart. They also mirror my own evolving, inclusive beliefs.

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. - 1 Cor. 13:11, NLT
I am no Rache…

If Cleanliness is Next To Godliness...

... well, let's just say I'm very, very human 😂

But I digress. Now that I'm in full-on Konmari Level: Hardcore mode, I am also more conscious of how my space looks. The dust forming on surfaces, the crumbs camouflaged onto the granite countertop, those greasy fingerprints all over the stainless steel fridge door...they bother me now. Even mismatched storage units are becoming an annoyance...but that's a work in progress.

We used to use a monthly cleaning service when Little L was tiny. Between nursing and boiling bottles and trying to find time to shower, the cleaners were a necessity. Not so much now, according to Hubbs. He figures the money is better spent elsewhere, and is apparently concerned that my cleaning muscles might atrophy from lack of use (how kind of him!). 😏

So now I've been doing a room here, a room there, and whenever I have the time, I tackle an entire floor. I don't think that at any given point is my entire space clean, but piecemeal is so…

Tidying Up with Me

The weird religious/spiritual parts aside, Marie Kondo is an inspiration. Not because she is a tidying expert or because her *ting* is super cute and kind of infectious, but because she has singlehandedly motivated me to declutter and reorganize my home. If you know me, you'd know that domestic tasks aren't really a strong suit.

Seriously. Binge-watching that Netflix series made me want to jump out of bed at 2:00am (yes, that's when I watch my shows - don't judge) and clean the bathrooms. I wanted to purge old books and put cute boxes in my drawers. I wanted to tackle the junk drawer and all the million kitchen gadgets to reduce redundancy. It actually took an embarrassingly tremendous amount of self-control to keep myself in bed (and to put down the dang phone and go to sleep)!

So anyway, I've been on a mission ever since. Every small, colourful box has become a treasure for the drawers. Every homeless or wayward toy has found itself into a donation bag or a prop…